MICROSTEEL’s CSR policy: a continuous improvement approach

MICROSTEEL is engaged in a industrial improvement approach and applies best practices aimed at the continuous improvement of working relations and conditions, and reducing its environmental footprint..

Improving working relations and conditions

MICROSTEEL has introduced an Occupational Health and Safety Management System which takes human, organizational, social and financial aspects into account:

Working with people:

Bent on reducing the number of workplace accidents and improving health and safety at work, MICROSTEEL encourages employee engagement in the company’s activities and strives to reduce absenteeism, improve staff well-being and develop their skills.


MICROSTEEL optimizes its organization by determining roles at each management level, by anticipating change and by advanced planning.

Working together:

MICROSTEEL strives to improve employee well-being through the development of a health and safety ethos. Our focus is primarily on ensuring:

  • Gender equality in the workplace;
  • Employment prospects for differently-abled and senior employees in our company;
  • Measures to combat discrimination in terms of recruitment, employment and access to vocational training programs;
  • Measures to make sure employees can fully enjoy their right to disconnect after working hours and to limit their use of digital tools.

Financial aspects:

MICROSTEEL’s development policy is based on entering new markets that require mandatory certification in the field or at least an organizational policy.

Reducing our environmental footprint

MICROSTEEL’s environmental footprint reduction objective is based on continuing our growth policy while keeping our activity’s environmental impact in check. Our fields of action are:

  • A penetrant and x-ray effluent treatment process in Vern-sur-Seiche to reduce our mains water consumption as well as off site effluent discharge and treatment;
  • An acidic and alkaline effluent collection and treatment process by an accredited treatment center;
  • A waste sorting process (skips/paper/scrap iron, collection of ceramic waste, processing of hazardous waste by an accredited center);
  • The maintenance and monitoring of air treatment units to control atmospheric discharge;
  • Noise control.

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