MICROSTEEL CIMD is a company resulting from the merger in 2003 of the foundries MICROSTEEL and CIMD, both specialized in the fields of aeronautics, energy, defense and medical. MICROSTEEL CIMD has 2 complementary factories located in Brittany, near Rennes (35), one in Vern-sur-Seiche, the other one in Corps-Nuds. MICROSTEEL CIMD is part of the VIRGO Group, which also owns BESNARD company, based in Flers (61) and specialized in the design and machining of prototypes and thermoforming molds. MICROSTEEL CIMD brings together two activities:

  • On the Vern-sur-Seiche site, a lost-wax precision foundry specializing in the molding of iron, steel and stainless steel bases and nickel and cobalt superalloys. These alloys are cast with our melting equipment of air melt or vacuum.
  • On the site of Corps-Nuds, a foundry specialized in the development and the centrifugal casting of cobalt-based alloys under the brand name of Alacrite.

Our machining equipments allow the delivery of finished parts.